With several years of site experience, we have provided and still providing systematic co-ordinated and discriminated Electrical designs. We have acquired a reputation in the industry for applying the most exacting to all our projects regardless of size. Safety and simplicity of our jobs has been the guiding principle of our team of highly experienced and industry-certified Engineers.

ENNBLERGG has distinguished herself in the design and installation of Facility Access Control systems. Our experience in panel construction stands us out as ours comes with great Engineering details. Simulations of our designs are first conducted to ensure it is fit for purpose/use before installation commences.


ENNBLERGG has a team of industry-certified personnel that undertakes our on-site installation and repairs on instrumentation process equipment irrespective of location. Our fully-equipped state of the art Instrumentation laboratory/workshop handles all calibration/engineering aspects of our operations.

We have completed and currently have on-going Piping and Instrumentation Diagram (P&ID) jobs. Our team undertakes complete facility audit and upgrade where the need arises.


The standard of our steel works has stood the test of times with great aesthetics in the oil industry and beyond.

ENNBLERGG provides detailed engineering designs and fabrication as well as priming and blasting services for clients.

We procure and deliver all grades of Carbon steel seamless pipes (Bare & Coated), Galvanized pipes, Angle bars and Steels plates.

Our pipeline portfolio has been extended to the procurement and installation of High-Density Polyethylene pipes, HDPE pipes.


With our team of industry certified design engineers, every detail/aspect of the job is considered before on-site work commence. Our As-built drawings issued to clients thoroughly reflect what we have on ground during facility handover.


Our Energy Services Division provides clients with energy expertise to aid them in reducing their energy consumption, carbon footprint and overall operating costs.

Energy optimization is one of the cardinal objectives of our business, helping our clients to be energy-efficient compliant.


ENNBLERGG provides onshore/offshore support services for end-users in the maritime industry. With our global spread of foreign partners, we are a tested technical advisor and sourcing agent guiding our clients in their decision to either buy or lease based on their budget and long term organizational needs.

From welding materials to other oilfield operations consumables, we deliver to our clients irrespective of offshore location.


  • Reduction of clients’ contract administration and operating costs
  • Improved planning and scheduling
  • More efficient use of manpower
  • Continuity of services through training and improvement initiatives
  • Fully accredited quality system
  • Fully acknowledged Safety and Environmental Policy










ENNBLERGG has a work system that is designed to identify, initiate, modify and implement novel engineering ideas.  Our services cut across the maritime industry delivering oilfield operations consumables down to the end-users locations.

We offer procurement and engineering consultancy services in Mechanical, Electrical and Instrumentation (MEI) operations thereby partnering with our clients in delivering on the core business portfolio.

From the smallest replacement parts to turnkey installations, our team provides;


  • Electrical Front-End Engineering Designs and Installations.
  • Instrumentation Front-End Engineering Designs and Installations.
  • Mechanical Front-End Engineering designs and Installations.
  • Facility Audit and System upgrade.


  • Purchasing
  • Expediting
  • Packaging and Delivery
  • Invoicing


  • Project Scheduling
  • On-site material handling.
  • Fabrication and Installation.
  • Piping and cable running.


  • Technical briefing and documentation.
  • Project planning and execution.
  • Milestone definition.
  • Facility maintenance.